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Statistical Services

 Statistical services

ECLAC Caribbean provides statistical services and resources to its member states in support of the analysis of policy-related issues; the formulation of evidence-based policies and programmes; the delivery of reliable indicators of progress toward Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IAGDs) such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); the building of statistical capacity and expertise of Caribbean institutions and Governments; and the provision of technical assistance.

A significant component of the work carried out focuses on enhancing the capacity of national statistical offices to produce accurate, timely and relevant data and indicators for the purposes of policy making and development.

This service has been delivered to:

  • Central Statistical Office, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Central Statistical Office, Saint Lucia
  • Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Dominica
  • Division of Gender Affairs, Saint Lucia


National Statistics Offices Ministries of Planning and National Planning Agencies Policy Makers National Gender Machineries


Technical assistance in the formulation of the National Statistical System Technical assistance with the production of data for the Sustainable Development Goals indicators Technical assistance with implementing evidence-based policy planning for sustainable development Technical assistance in thematic statistical assessments


Statistics and Social Development Unit: