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Damage and Loss Assessment

Image of disaster zone in Caribbean

ECLAC is a pioneer in the field of disaster assessment and in the development and dissemination of the Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) methodology and Post Disaster Assessment (PDNA) methodology.

When disasters affect our Member and Associate Member States, ECLAC stands ready work with countries to perform Damage and Loss Assessments that are used to analize the economic impact of disaster and inform the rebuilding process. 

Find out more at the Disaster Assessment Portal.


Recent assessments carried out:

  1. Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  2. Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  3. Government of Guatemala
  4. Government of the Argentine Republic
  5. British overseas territory of Anguilla



Disaster response professionals Ministry of Planning International Development Organizations National Budget Officers Policy Makers


Estimation of effects: damage, losses, and additional costs Estimation of impacts: macro-economic and household level impacts Estimation of financial needs (recovery needs and reconstruction needs)


Sustainable Development and Disaster Unit: