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FOCUS Magazine

FOCUS Magazine cover digital divides and Iinclusion in the Caribbean

This magazine is intended to keep member Governments of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC) and cooperating agencies informed of progress in the implementation of the CDCC programme.

It shares information on a range of topics, including economic development and integration, trade, social development, sustainable development, disaster assessment, knowledge management, information and communications technologies (ICTs) for development and statistics.

Issued on a quarterly basis, the purpose of FOCUS is to inform and stimulate discussion among stakeholders throughout the region by presenting the latest facts, statistics and trends; offering an analytical perspective; and discussing possible policy approaches.

With a view to bringing together the thoughts, insights and perspectives of the leading development experts in the Caribbean, FOCUS benefits from contributions from a vast array of authors, ranging from ECLAC staff to academics, researches and practitioners.

Download the complete set issue by accessing the Focus Magazine section of the ECLAC Digital Repository.

Alternatively, you may also click here to access the complete set of on-line, mobile compatible versions of the Focus magazine.