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Caribbean Economics Quarterly

The cover of this issue shows stacks on coins on dirt on the ground, the stacks get higher and the plant sprouts on them get bigger going from left to right


The report begins by considering both the nature and history of the region’s financial sector development, highlighting some key measures of financial access and adequacy. It then leverages enterprise survey data developed by the Compete Caribbean partnership 2 to assess legacy and emerging challenges facing firms from across the region. Newly available data from the end of 2020 are compared with a previous vintage of the surveys from 2014, providing important insights into how circumstances have evolved, especially considering the COVID - 19 shock to businesses and economies across the region.

The analysis suggests that (i) financial sectors and firms across the Caribbean face outsized challenges, particularly when compared to peers across the globe; (ii) the COVID - 19 crisis appears to have further constrained access to finance; (iii) smaller firms appear to face more significant hurdles than larger firms; and (iv) women - owned and/or operated firms face more severe challenges with respect to financial access than other firms across the region.

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Note. Previously called the Caribbean Quarterly Economic Bulletin, The Caribbean Economics Quarterly is a serial publication of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).