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Youth COVID-19 Response Initiative Report: Youth Mainstreaming at the Centre of Development

Published date 2020-06-22
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COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption to societies. Young people are particularly vulnerable to this disruption; many youths are employed on short-term contracts without paid leave, have unequal access to online education and face mental health challenges. To guide Trinidad and Tobago’s response to the disruption of COVID-19, the Prime Minister constituted a “Road Map to Recovery” team. The Youth COVID-19 Response Initiative aims to get ideas from youth and for youth on the “Road Map to Recovery” agenda. It takes the position that youth have important contributions to make to national development. This report is a resource for youth leaders, policymakers and other stakeholders who will play a role in national development post-COVID-19, and also offers conceptual discussion and practical recommendations to guide youth mainstreaming in Trinidad and Tobago.