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Towards diversification of the tourism sector

Published date 2014-02-28
Author Willard Phillips
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From the abstract:

Although tourism has been a major economic sector in the Caribbean since the mid-1960s, the sector now faces significant challenges as competition intensifies in the global tourism market. These challenges include environmental impacts, and the need for continued high levels of public investment in order to sustain the tourism product.

The precariousness of the sector was made starkly evident with the onset of the global recession in 2009, when the sector recorded significant decline. Notwithstanding some limited recovery since that time, the recent experience highlighted the need for Caribbean countries to undertake more vigorous efforts towards diversifying their economies in general, and enhancing their tourism sectors in particular.

One area identified for specific development is yachting and marina services, a sub-sector which is widely regarded as having significant economic potential. Towards this end, the present study seeks to examine the nature of recreational demand for yachting and marina services in the Caribbean.

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ECLAC publication