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Proposed Programme of Work for 2021 - Subprogramme 12: Subregional Activities in the Caribbean

Twenty-eighth session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee. Virtual meeting, 10 September 2020

Published date 2020-09-08
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The main objective of the subprogramme is to strengthen the sustainable development process in the Caribbean in the economic, social and environmental dimensions and to enhance the subregion’s cooperation with Latin America.  The ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean will be responsible for the implementation of the subprogramme and will undertake research and analysis of the emerging issues and challenges facing the Caribbean. It will provide technical assistance and advisory services to member States, upon request, and conduct training activities, seminars and workshops for knowledge-sharing and the exchange of best practices and lessons learned. It will work closely with Caribbean development partners — including the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) family of institutions, other subregional intergovernmental organizations and international donor institutions— and in coordination with the resident coordinator system to inform policymaking in Caribbean countries, including through the provision of advisory and technical cooperation services.