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Programme of Work for 2020 - Subprogramme 12: Subregional Activities in the Caribbean

Twenty-eighth session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee. Virtual meeting, 10 September 2020

Published date 2020-09-01
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The countries of the Caribbean will face formidable challenges to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which underpin the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Among these are poor growth performance, arising from a lack of robust investment in tourism and related service industries, and depressed export commodity prices. Low growth has resulted in high levels of unemployment, particularly among women and youth.  These challenges require long-term, low-cost development finance to help reduce risk and build the resilience of the region. To address the SDGs, Caribbean States must rekindle private and public investment, encourage innovation - especially among the youth - and expand employment.  Caribbean States will also need to pay attention to better fiscal management, so that the benefits of debt reduction can be preserved. The proposed activities seek to pursue the medium-term objectives of the subprogramme and to achieve the expected accomplishments during the biennium.