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Nature-based solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean: regional status and priorities for growth

Published date 2021-10-29
Author Suzanne Ozment - Anelise Schumacher - Maggie Gonzalez - et al.
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Nature-based solutions (NBS) can contribute to equitable and sustainable development across Latin America and the Caribbean and represent an important investment opportunity for national and subnational governments, infrastructure service providers, development banks, and corporations.
Examining the status of NBS efforts and results within the region can shed light on what is required to drive more investment towards NBS projects. To chart a pathway forward, this brief provides a regional review of NBS projects, their status, and implications for investment. These NBS projects aim to address a variety of objectives, including securing water supply, improving water quality, reducing landslide risk, and helping to manage urban flooding, river flooding, or coastal flooding and erosion. The projects utilize a broad range of types of NBS, from forest management to coral reef restoration. This brief outlines the difficulties to scaling NBS adoption in the region and identifies strategies to address the challenges moving forward.

This title is also available in Spanish:

Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza en América Latina y el Caribe: situación regional y prioridades para el crecimiento