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Montserrat Port Development Project: Environmental and social impact assessment

Draft report

Published date 2019-09-06
Author Stantec Consulting International Ltd.
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The Government of Montserrat (GOM) is proposing to expand the current Port facilities at Little Bay, Montserrat. The GOM has acquired financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) – United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund towards the development of the Port and for the cost of constructing an offshore breakwater, quay and associated works at Little Bay.The Montserrat Port Authority is the Proponent for the Montserrat Port Development Project (the Project), with the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour serving as the Executing Agency and Project Coordinator through its Public Works Department (PWD). The proposed Project is to provide safe facilities capable of receiving cruise ships, ferries, yachts, cargo, and commercial fishing vessels. The Project will entail development of a new breakwater and adjacent berth, as well as associated dredging to accommodate vessel draft, access road construction, slope stabilization, and shore protection. Operation of the Project will allow for the safe reception of cargo vessels, cruise ships, and ferries, which are currently restricted by downtime during rough seas, limited capacity for berthing, and insufficient water depths. It will also allow for improved container handling and will help meet the growing demands of the Port.

See the final report of this project here:

Montserrat Port Development Project environmental and social impact assessment - Addendum for the alternative K port layout