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Managing Sargassum Shoreline Inundations: A Toolbox

SargAdapt Good Practice Guide Series vol. 5 iss. 1

Published date 2023-03-31
Author Irvine, J. - et al.
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Efforts to mitigate the immediate impacts of sargassum inundations along our shorelines have often resulted in further damage as a result of the use of inappropriate methods or equipment ill-suited for the purpose. Furthermore, sargassum clean-ups typically entail high economic costs in labour, equipment and transport that falls on both governments and the private sector. This guide recognizes the importance of sharing lessons learned to date in order to avoid repeating mistakes that have been made by others in the learning process. By spreading awareness of suitable equipment and best practices this guide is intended to help towards developing sustainable solutions to managing sargassum inundations.

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