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Implementation of the 2018-2019 Programme of Work - Subprogramme 12: Subregional Activities in the Caribbean

Twenty-eighth session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee. Virtual meeting - 10 September 2020

Published date 2020-08-21
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This report highlights the activities carried out by ECLAC in the Caribbean subregion between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2019. Subprogramme 12, “Subregional activities in the Caribbean”, seeks to promote and strengthen development within the Caribbean subregion and enhance the subregion’s cooperation with Latin American countries by achieving (a) improved  capacities of policy makers from countries in the subregion to formulate, implement and monitor measures to overcome development challenges and promote economic diversification and social transformation; (b) enhanced capacity and technical expertise to follow up on the major international agreements in the economic, social and environmental fields, including follow up to the Mauritius Strategy for implementation of the SIDS Programme of Action; and (c) enhanced capacity of Caribbean governments and institutions to promote intra- and inter-regional cooperation and integration.