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Guyana Development Policy Review

Published date 2003-11-06
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From the report:

The main objective of this report... is to provide an up-to-date, integrated assessment of Guyana’s development policy agenda, with the main focus on governance, growth and poverty alleviation. The report consists of three parts: assessment of development outcomes (chapter 2), discussion of the development policy agenda (chapters 3-5), and assessment of the medium-term outlook (chapter 6). Chapter 1 discusses some of the key political economy issues that are critical to this review+thnic and political tensions, as well as the surge in crime and violence.

The report draws on the extensive wealth of existing analysis (published and unpublished-see bibliography and extensive footnotes), within and outside the World Bank, and highlights the critical areas where further research i s needed. The analysis was supplemented by extensive interviews with a wide range of representatives from government ministries and agencies, private sector, research institutions, civil society, the donor community and some MPs of the opposition and ruling parties.