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Bermuda Lionfish Control Plan

Published date 2014-05-27
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From the document:

The threat posed by lionfish to Bermuda, coupled with the lack of information necessary to mount a campaign to deal with it, moved a number of organizations to action. On October 9th and 10th 2012, a coalition, representing government departments, environmental and scientific organizations, commercial fishermen, the dive community, and other island stakeholders, came together for a Lionfish Control Plan Workshop, organised and hosted by the Ocean Support Foundation in partnership with the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Workshop participants quickly recognised that the eradication of lionfish would be impossible. Consequently, the aim of the plan would be to mitigate the negative impacts of lionfish by continuous management of their population through targeted and opportunistic removal. It was also acknowledged that any efforts must be ongoing and comprehensive. Consensus was reached by the group on the priorities to form the basis of the lionfish control plan, and by the end of the workshop, a Bermuda Lionfish Task Force was established to oversee work on this plan. Over the succeeding months, a writing team worked on creating the attached lionfish control plan.

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